Word on the street is...

"Vaudevellia! is a well-crafted musical experience that is both humble and extraordinary."  ~Morena Duwe, Huffington Post

"Style-wise, she may seem unconventional and a little odd, but like Santigold or Regina Spektor before her, this kooky take on jazz, indie rock and rap will earn Kiravell a spot among the very few truly original female musical artists of this decade." ~Layla Klamt, Guardian Liberty Voice

"Don't watch art, become it, as Kiravell's creative offerings argue she has." ~ Tone Swep, Dope Magazine

"San Diego’s own Kiravell brings something new to the table with her jazzy, soulful, and mellow music. Her latest single, “Yello Hazy,” is just that – hazy and calming. The spiritual single shows off the singer’s unique vocals. Perfect for a coffeehouse, a festival, or just hanging at home..." ~Kaitlin, Mechanical Dummy

"Her lyrics are deeply meaningful and the rhythm in which that she portrays them is amazing." ~Collin Logatto, Sonic Eclectic

"Positively radiant as it is enigmatic, "Charge" is best played with an open mind and high vibration." ~Tia Scott, The Occurence LA

"Kiravell is the name you should be discussing over coffee tomorrow morning, right after you listen to her jazzy fusion of deliciousness, Vaudevellia!..." ~Ny Magee, Jaded Culture


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